Unlock the Power of Mindset, Grit,
and Student Motivation

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Mawi Learning has trained over 1,000,000 students since 1999.

Online Courses

Increase student GPA, test scores, and attendance with our innovative, research-based success courses.

Leadership Skills Development

Train you students in bedrock success skills such as goal-setting and time management.

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Mental Karate

Prepare your students for success with our new College and Career Readiness class.

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University of Chicago

Increase ELL achievement
with our new
Super ELL class.

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Mawi has spoken to more than 1,000,000 people. Find out why Oprah Winfrey calls Mawi “Amazing” and Harvard Magazine calls him “Magnetic.”

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5 Powers Professional Development

The 5 Powers book and training give your staff the tools to create an inspired school culture. The research base for The 5 Powers includes Growth Mindset, Grit, Locus of Control and fifteen years of direct field work by Mawi Learning.

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