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Learning mindset, study skills, and testing skills drive academic success in high school students

Critical Thinking and Study Skills Course

Teach your students how to learn

As students transition to high school, they face intensifying academic challenges and more rigorous standardized tests. Critical Thinking and Study Skills provides students with a proven blueprint for academic success, based on the best research on student learning and Mawi Learning’s fieldwork with over a million students.

Student Feedback


of students reported that the course improved their ability to think and learn and


of students would recommend the course to other students.

Student Social and Emotional Learning Outcomes

Students reported an increase in academic confidence, enjoyment of challenging assignments, and a positive view of their own intelligence.

These results were collected from pre- and post-course survey assessments using student self-concept Likert rated items.
(1) Student academic confidence: Pretest (M= 3.12, SE= 1.05), Posttest (M= 3.68, SE= 0.93), F(1, 1806) = 74.83 , p<.001.
(2) Enjoyment of challenging tasks: Pretest (M= 3.25, SE= 1.27), Posttest (M= 3.73, SE= 0.93, F(1, 1818) = 48.01, p<.001.
(3) Fixed mindset view of intelligence [reverse coded]: Pretest (M= 3.41, SE= 1.16), Posttest (M= 2.77, SE= 1.33), F(1, 1814) = 86.80, p<.001.

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College and Career Readiness Course

Empower your students to create bright futures

Today’s high school students sometimes feel helpless when attempting to navigate a dizzying array of post-secondary and career options. But students have a tremendous capacity to take charge and lead their own college and career searches. College and Career Readiness uses research-based strategies to equip students with the skills needed to craft high-quality applications, find financial aid, research post-graduation options, and establish career goals. 


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Turbo Leadership Course

Transform learning through a culture of leadership

As students progress through high school, they are faced with increased responsibility, difficult decisions, and opportunities for growth. Turbo Leadership focuses on the most essential, research-based leadership skills like grit and growth mindset that drive a student’s ability to learn, adapt, and excel academically. The course teaches students how to learn from experience, lead effectively, and improve performance in and out of school.

Schools use Turbo Leadership to:


of students recommend our leadership training.

Using the Turbo Leadership course, Chicago Public Schools saw a


increase in A’s

and a


reduction in D’s and F’s

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Teachers use the Blended Blueprint to deepen student learning for Critical Thinking and Study Skills.

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